Barbara Smoyer Park in the Littlebrook Area


The section of Princeton known as Littlebrook sits amid  quiet winding streets traversed by a meandering Harry’s Brook. The lucky residents of Littlebrook value and safeguard the tranquility of this area. The borders of Littlebrook are Snowden Lane to the south, Princeton Kingston Rd. to the east and the border of Kingston/Montgomery Township to the north.

The Littlebrook Elementary School is a public school that serves the neighborhood children in grades K-5. John Witherspoon Middle School and Princeton High School are the public schools in Princeton that serve all of the children in Princeton.  Parts of the Littlebrook neighborhood would be considered walking distance to town. Some are more of a hike. All styles of homes are represented in the Littlebrook neighborhood, ranch homes, split levels, contemporaries and colonials. Much of Littlebrook was built in the 1950’s. Some people choose to keep the homes as they are or expand them but lately the area has seen quite a number of properties being torn down and larger more modern houses being built in their place. The proximity of downtown Princeton, restaurants, theatres and shopping make Littlebrook another of Princetons favorite residential neighborhoods. Barbara Smoyer Park, one of the highlights of the Littlebrook area, encompasses 38 acres and consists of playgrounds, restrooms, picnic areas, fishing, walking trails and baseball and softball fields. Some winters we are lucky enough to go skating on the pond! A great resource for the area.

Many elementary school children from the Littlebrook area can walk to school making it convenient for after school activities and playground time. Click on this  link to view the NJ State School Report page for Littlebrook elementary School. In any year there are between 275 and 350 children attending Littlebrook Elementary School.

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